For the Conscious Urban Professional.

Divinity Seven’s (D7) lifestyle was birthed in 2012. The creator of the brand set out to align D7 with his personal convictions and his understanding of a higher power working in the universe; thus the name Divinity (something Divine) Seven (representing perfection/completeness). Divinity Seven represents the lifestyle through fashion of people who have similar beliefs.

Divinity Seven is a true lifestyle brand. We are about building “consciousness” through social awareness. The brand will partner with organizations working to eradicate societal ills such as poverty, homelessness and hunger. D7 will donate a percentage of sales to support and assist in addressing these social issues. Divinity Seven Apparel produces, distributes and designs related products for those individuals that “Live Conscious” and want a level of exclusivity in their apparel selections. Authenticity is evident through the brands product design, placement, events and retail environments.

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Our Motivation

Fashion need not be limited to affluent designer brands, left-of-the mainstream labels and trendy statements. Understated sophistication should never be overlooked.

Art, fashion and design are different facets of the same thing and we embody the creative energy of these three genres through our garments.

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